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Gray coverage is when permanent color is applied to the roots to coverage all gray hairs. This hair color can exactly match your natural dark hair, it can also be lighter or darker than your natural hair. A “root touch-up” appointment is necessary every 4-8 weeks to re-cover the silver outgrowth of hair.

We can also add highlights or balayage to create a more natural, dimensional and professional style.


Gray blending is created using foils to highlight &/or lowlight the natural salt and pepper hair to make your hair look natural and multi-dimensional without applying permanent hair color to your roots. To keep your look updated and blended you will have an appointment every 3-4 months.

Transition to Natural Silver

Transition-to-Silver is when you want to stop coloring your hair and grow out your natural silver & pepper hair. Although you will see a dramatic difference after the initial transformation appointment, the transition to silver process can take multiple appointments to achieve the perfect look.

We will have a free, 30-minute consultation before your initial appointment to map out an appointment plan. All of your questions about the process, the timeline and number of appointments, and cost will all be covered so you can be confident in the process!

A visual timeline of Transition to Silver

This Transition to Silver took a total of 5 major foil appointments over the course of a year and a half.  "J" stayed with her post-Covid, sandy blonde hair with lowlights for about 9 months before she decided to "go all the way" and transition to silver to let her natural silver hair all grow out. These major foil/lightening appointments took roughly 18 hours. She was dedicated to using high-quality, professional products and using little to no heat tools on her hair.

She now has a gorgeous, silver mane and is free from dying her roots every 3-4 weeks. THAT is hair freedom.

We gradually went lighter and lighter until an all-over silver was achieved!

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