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It's great to meet you!

I am an outdoor enthusiast who loves to be on local rivers and in Bidwell Park. I also love dressing up and enjoying a night out with my sweetheart and friends.

Just read a good book? I want to know about it!

I know your life can be hectic and I always take your lifestyle into consideration when we are creating a look that will have you looking and feeling your best whether it be in the board meeting or chillin' at home on the weekend.

I first noticed white hairs on myself when I was about 20 years old. Like my dad and his mother before him, I was totally "platinum" by the time I was 35.

It's a mixed blessing being totally white so early in life:

.... I feel free experiment with all kinds of fun colors while keeping my hair natural,

.... and cringe-worthy when some people perceive me as much older than I am.

Regardless, I KNOW the struggles and freedom of working with gray, silver, and white hair. I love finding the perfect solution to having my clients love and maintaining their graying hair!

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I specialize in Gray Coverage & Gray Blending, highlights & balayage, and Transition to Gray color.

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